Tip top pest control services has extensive experience in the installation of bird proofing on domestic and commercial solar panels to deter birds from nesting under the panels. As the dark solar panels attract the light, they absorb plenty of heat, providing a cozy place for pigeons to bed down and roost. Large in structure, these panels also provide pest birds with protection from the wind and rain and being located up high, they are safely positioned out of sight from most predators.

As we know, pigeons are pretty dirty birds and can cause a lot of damage with their faeces and debris, preventing your solar panels from working efficiently. This is where tip top pest control services can help by providing and installing a specialist guard to keep pigeons off your panelling.

If you do have this problem, you will know how noisy, smelly and messy these birds are. The guttering is usually blocked from the bird droppings, dead birds, nesting material which over time also causes rusting of the guttering and worse flooding during heavy downpours of rain.

Bird mites and the potential for ill health effects also accompany these birds when they nest in large numbers on your roof top.

Our solar panel kit allows for easy installation of the PVC coated wire mesh to deter bird entry without modification or damage to the solar panels which could void your panel warranty. The kit can be removed if necessary, to carry out repairs or servicing to the panel array. Anything less than a good strong product will allow these pest birds to push their way back under the solar panels and your problems will start all over again.

We also offer cleaning of the guttering, rooftop surfaces, nest removal, solar panel cleaning, bird mite treatments.

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