Ducts Cleaning

Do you know when you last cleaned your air ducts? Homes usually collect 40 lbs of allergens, dust and dirt in their air ducts every year. Whenever you use your air conditioning or heating, these pollutants are circulated all over your home and can cause respiratory problems. This is why it’s important to invest in a professional air duct cleaning service.

At Tiptop services, a powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum is used to clean and clear vents and air ducts. By using this kind of vacuum, it removes all dust and dirt out of your air ducts. You should opt to get fresh air in your home and office by letting us clean your ducts. There are several reasons why your ducts should be cleaned:

  • Toxic and polluted air will be discarded
  • Duct clogs and moulds would be removed
  • Duct sanitising and deodorising with the use of Tree Oil
  • Reduces Allergens by sanitizing your ducts
  • Carbon Monoxide level decreases
  • Remove ducts clog and molds
  • Lower your electricity bills by 25%

Frequency of Cleaning Air Duct Vents in Melbourne

There is a change in Melbourne’s seasons several times a day. This would increase the probability of your duct system turning on and off throughout the day. If these air ducts are not cleaned, they could be a source of Carbon Monoxide. This is dangerous to your health and your family. This is why you should sign up with specialists like Tiptop services to ensure that your ducts are cleaned frequently to improve the airflow and save on electricity bills. You can be certain that our services will help you reap  the benefits of breathing fresh air. Call us at 61 425 006 900 for the best of home duct cleaning services in Melbourne.

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